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 Electric Toaster Oven Large 21″ Pizza Capacity Stainless Steel Rotisserie Black
  • Model:ZQ-H004
  • Colour: Black
Temperature widget knob: temperature range (100°C-250°C) can be selected according to different foods
Timer knob: Rotate clockwise to set the baking time. When you hear a clear ringtone, it means to end the running program. When the time required to bake the food is less than 10 minutes, please turn the timer knob over 10 Minute scale, then swing back to the desired time scale position
Power indicator: During use, the power indicator will remain on.
Grill: food for all kinds of barbecues
Baking tray: used to grill meat, fish and other foods that are easy to drip or oil.
  • Accurate temperature control to meet different needs:

1, low temperature drying: dry fruit buffet DIY;
2, medium temperature baking: bread, cake;
3, medium and high temperature baking: meringue cake, pizza;
4, high temperature barbecue: meat barbecue

  • 60 minutes timer, no need to watch:

grilled pork ribs: 10-15 minutes,
skewers: 10-25 minutes,
chicken wings: 15-25 minutes,
egg tarts: 20-25 minutes,
baked pizza: 30-35 minutes,
cake: 40- 45 minutes,
roasted purple potato: 40-50 minutes
Scope of application: making roast chicken, roast duck, baking bread, cakes, etc.

User’s guidance:

When using for the first time:

  • 1. Remove all the accessories from the baking tray of the accessory machine in the oven;
  • 2. Clean the grill and baking tray with warm water, wipe the inside of the oven with a soft damp cloth soaked in detergent, and wait until it is completely dry before using.
  • 3. When using for the first time, first adjust the temperature to the highest and preheat for 15 minutes to remove residual oil. It will be normal to smell when it is used for the first time, because it is a protective film that is coated with a layer of heat on the heating pipe and is subjected to salt erosion during transportation.
  • Time setting:

60 minutes timer: The time can be set up to 60 minutes. The timer is also the “on/off” switch. If the timer is set to “off”, the oven is in the power off state. When setting the time, turn the timer clockwise to the position you want and the power indicator will light. When the set working time is over, you will hear a ringing prompt and the oven will automatically cut off the power and stop working.

  • Temperature setting:

Turn the temperature knob clockwise to the temperature you want. The temperature can be adjusted from 100°C to 250°C.

  • Power indicator:

The oven’s power indicator is located on the control panel. When the oven is in operation, the indicator will be illuminated. When the time knob is set to “off”, the indicator will be off.


  • 1. Place the grill in the proper position according to the height of the food;
  • 2. put the food on the grill, do not use plastic or paper and other high temperature resistant containers;
  • 3. Do not use glass or ceramic plates or lids;
  • 4. Do not allow the grease to drip to the bottom of the oven. When baking fat-containing food, place the baking tray under the grill.
  • 5. Set the temperature and time you want according to the recipe or personal preference;
  • 6. Gently close the oven door and set the grill time and gear position. At this point, the oven starts working.
  • 7. Before taking out the food, please make sure the food is cooked and use the special gloves for the oven to remove the food to avoid burns.

Packing list:

1x Oven
1x Baking tray
1x Grill
1x Instruction manual

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Convection Oven





Power Source




Components Included

Baking tray, Grill

Manufacturer Warranty

1 year


Stainless Steel


Clock, Display, Manual, Controllable temperature, Adjustable time, Drying, baking, grilling, Power indicator remain on, Spin button

Completion Time


Item Weight



Does not apply






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